Monday, 10 May 2010

Target Audience For Short Films

Who are the target audience for short films?

Short films are generally made for people who want the experience of making a film, students for a media or film project or people who want to break into the industry. Therefore the audience for short films tends to be from the demographic of the people actually making the films. However, if an inexperienced director is making a film, he/she also needs to be very clear about who the product would aim to appeal to if it was a product aimed at the mainstream market.

Who are the target audience for the samples you looked at?

The Ends
This is a film about the issues of crime and youth/gang culture. From watching it I think the target audience is from a young demographic (15-20). I would argue this because of the cinematography, the pace and the soundtrack. the combination of these elements makes it appeal to a young audience. the message from the film is clear, if you get involved in gang culture you could end up paying the ultimate price, with your life. In term of market psychographic categories for young people, I think it would appeal mostly to REBELS because they would think it was cool although they might not get the director's preferred reading. DRIFTERS who aren't sure what they want, this could help make up their minds about how they feel about gangs. UTOPIANS are also a target audience because they would probably get the preferred reading and be enthusiastic about the message of the film.

Skin Deep
This film is about different cultures and ethnicities meeting together. In this particular film a young boy is half English half Pakistani living in England with a large population of racist white English people. It seems to target the audiences of 18-35 as it is about identity, who you are and how you treat other ethnicities so therefore it is quite a wider audience. UTOPIANS will be a good audience to target for this film as they want to make the world a better place and therefore the message in this film is to treat other ethnicities fairly and the same. In other words the preferred reading is that everyone is different in ways, but can with respect, be similar in a lot of other ways.

If Not Now, When?
This film is about youth culture also and involves day to day life which resolves in death for a young person making his way home. The audience of this film is young in between the ages of 16 and 20 and this is because of the people represented in the film and the slow to fast movement of the action and camera. Again this films main audience will be UTOPIANS and this time it’s because the message of this film is simple, violence and power equals death and hurt. In addition UTOPIANS would favor this as it gives the audience that message making them think about it a lot more and hopefully, understand why that is the message.

Cregan is about the life of a young boy surrounded by violence, crime and guns. So the audience would be around the ages of 14 to 19 and this is because of the issues represented and how young people can learn from them and the soundtracks.

Who is the target audience for your film?
The target audience for our film FREEFORM are young adults in the age range of 15-21 and this is because of some of the problems faced throughout the film and the soundtracks. One of the main types of audience of the product is DRIFTERS as they are not sure what they want and this could be a possible path. The preferred reading of our film is don’t crave power as rising power will get you back.

How will you measure the success of your products appeal to the target audience?
To measure the success of our product’s appeal towards our target audience we will upload the product on popular blogs like facebook and youtube. In this way we can gather comments and gather some information about how much people liked it or disliked it. In the process of doing this, we will gain much more serious, reliable and in-depth data through our friends who will be honest about our product. By completing these ways, we have the opportunity to analyze our feedback and finalize our results.

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