Friday, 10 July 2009

Newspaper Evaluation

The newspaper was quite enjoyable to produce although the program was new to me and Tarikh we still managed to create a decent front page containing the stereotypical views of a normal tabloid newspaper. Adobe Design contained many tools which were useful in the process of completing the newspaper and helped it to look like a professional piece of work. I would most probably spend more time on producing pictures and gaining proper knowledge of what a newspaper should and should not contain. The task was exciting and new which made it motivating for me.

'The deal' Evaluation

When making this video I learnt many new techniques, and things which I never thought I will learn such as things like how to set up a camera on a tripod what angles to use for a specific moment in a scene and more. After I had learnt how to operate the camera appropriately, we started making the film and the theme was 'the package'. It was hard at first to come up with ideas but after a while Tarikh and I soon brought together the films characters, set and what will happen. Then on, we finished the film and uploaded it to the computer to edit in final cut express. This was a new experience and took some time to understand and use the tools of the software. It was a useful program to use for our film and gave it a fine finish. If I were to do this again I would definitely use more time to plan and more time to actually think about what each shot means and how it comes together. All in all it was a valuable experience and it was very enjoyable especially working with mates.