Sunday, 13 September 2009

Film Proposal

Drunken (Maybe, not yet set)

Tarikh and I have chosen the short 5 minute film as we believe we be able to use our experience and abilities from last years production to put together a valuable and outstanding piece of work. I have been watching British films like “This Is England”, “28 Days Later” and “Shaun of the Dead” to get examples of camera angles, editing, sound and mise en scene to use throughout our film for different purposes and meanings. I realise that these British films relate to British culture, the way of doing things, how they represent genre and the language and setting used which gives me many ideas on how to create the film.

The idea of the film is to entertain but it is also to make an impact on the audience giving them something to think about after viewing it. This is due to research and mainly personal experiences which is about drinking, drugs and violent nature of young adults. The film will have a beginning, middle and end whereby at the end it will flashback on previous parts of the film to make a shock and confuse the audience before pausing and editing takes place to take the audience back to the beginning to show the start but of a different story. It is about a group of teenagers aged 17 to 19 who have a “normal” night out which turns out to be difficult to withstand due to drinking and taking drugs. The film is in English but it is how stereotypical British 16 to 19 years speak and act within London. They are a social group who believe life is about drinking, taking drugs and enjoying life ignoring school work and their futures state.
The film is a drama/thriller genre with realism, violence, and attitude which youngsters of today use. It will contain slow motion effects different settings from houses, streets, parks and school. The reason why the school is a setting is because Tarikh and I want to show the effects drinking has on young people in school, their social life and life at home. The target audience will be 15 to early 20’s as we believe that there is a big problem in the modern society whereby too many people in this target audience are having issues due to drinking. There will be scenes of violence but not too strong because of the audience targeted. We have decided to add these scenes as hopefully it will make an impact on our audiences what the effects it can really have on them.

The target of this film is to show how young adults of today are impacted by the alcohol effects and the connections it has. We will soon make a time plan so that we can fit other subjects and own time around the film’s making and we are prepared to spend a lot of time outside school time like weekends and nights on week days to improve and finish the film on time. It will be a long and hard process in the making of this film as some shots need to be taken at different times of the day in different settings which means we will have limited time for some of these, but careful planning should fix this.

Charlie Petty

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  1. Well done Charlie, very informative. However, it is lacking the theoretical approach required at A2. Remember you need to present your idea under the RIVALING headings. Re-draft asap.