Monday, 29 June 2009


Thanks, Charlie. Evaluation to be completed asap.


  1. Comment on the best bits:
    You've got enough footage to get the edits working to move the story along. The music is right for the piece. The exchange of the note is nicely done.

    Things you can improve:
    Not so much laughing! You have to kind of wipe your face clean when you are in a shot, so that you don't giggle. Too much hand held.

    Marks are out of 3 for this:
    0 means you haven't done it.
    1 is lowest - it means that there is a lot that needs to be done, but that you have the material to sort it out and make it work.
    2 means that you've done the job competently and it is OK.
    3 means that you've done some parts of it really very well, and should work to exploit this.

    Medium Shot MS 2
    Long Shot LS 2
    Close Up CU 1
    XLS - extreme long shot 1
    XCU - extreme close up 1
    Pan 2
    Tilt 2
    Zoom 2
    Cross focus 0
    Deep focus 0
    Tracking shot (dolly, hand held, shoulder shot) 2
    Point of View - POV 2
    Use of tripod 1

    Shot - reverse shot 2
    Establishing shot 2
    Cut 2
    Dissolve 1

    EVALUATION mark 0
    Total 25/54

  2. You'll have to let Tarikh know that I can't give him a mark until he has a Blog.